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6 Ways to Tap Into Your Independence by Changing Your Thoughts

Whether you focus your attention negatively or positively, a thought is far more than an invisible construct of the mind. Thought is dynamic, unleashing waves of energy into the world. Thought is the action that creates your life.

3 Mindset Shifts to Go From Suffering to Self-Compassion

Chronic stress. Loneliness. Isolation. Anxiety. Depression. Debilitating fear. We are suffering more than we are meant to. So many of us are overwhelmed by pain because we’re alienated from the basic understanding of who we really are: indestructible and infinite energy emanating from a source of unimaginable creative power. If we really knew this, the impact of difficult experiences would be softer.

Looking for Happiness? Your Feelings Are Your Compass.

What you are feeling shapes the lens through which you view your whole life. This is why people who are genuinely happy seem to meet greater success, generally. Rather than being focused solely on outcomes, they are simply happy in doing and in loving, so success is present.

Joy Through Presence in 3 Steps

Each moment can be delicious, and the lesson plans for achieving this aren’t tedious, dull, or difficult. They’re a great relief, inviting each of us to relax more, fret less, and let life take care of itself.

Your Spiritual Guidance Isn’t “Out There,” It’s Right Here

What if the only difference between the healer and the healed is the deep belief and knowing that divine help is here for us always? Tap into this knowing force that you are a part of.

4 Simple Lessons From Earth to Transform Your Life

When we connect with the earth, we give ourselves the opportunity to get grounded and remember that we are never alone, always connected, always a part of this masterpiece of existence.

Stillness + Kindness = The Real “Power Couple”

Do you find that you are often moving too fast to give much thought to how you’re speaking to yourself or others? Practicing kindness toward yourself and others can completely reframe your outlook. Your circumstances soften and you become lighter and generally happier, and one of the best ways to achieve this is the practice of stillness.

Do (and Think) What You Love

According to Diana’s spiritual guidance, doing what we love is one key to living a happy life — but it doesn’t stand on its own. We must also practice cultivating thoughts that reflect the life we want. “Practice a change in thoughts and watch a change materialize around you.”

Break Free From the Noise

It is so easy to spend an entire day looking at social media, watching television, reading the news, playing games on your phone. We fall into the habit of listening to what is happening around us, what people are saying, wondering what people are thinking. This is the noise. It is not here for you; it is entertainment.

It's Not the Thing You Want, It’s the Feeling

Why do you want a big house, money, a vacation? Because you will feel better. The joy you will experience is a desired outcome. The ease you are looking for or the love you desire are the feelings you want.

What If No One Was Right and No One Was Wrong?

When you feel an emotion toward another person, you are feeling that emotion. It lives in you, not them. Don’t allow yourself to plummet because you are feeling negatively about another person.

The Art of Believing in What You Can’t See

How can we learn to believe in what we cannot see? By realizing that existence is more than what can be seen. What we can see is a very small slice of what exists.

Your Life Is a Reflection of What You Believe

The most important thing you can do for yourself is to determine what you want, how you want to feel, how you want to live — and then believe it is reality now.

14 Steps to Heal Yourself Now

Diana outlines 14 ways you can start to heal now, improve your life, and feel better fast.
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