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Tap Into Your Inner Knowing, Transform Your Life

Spirit translator and well-being expert Diana Cole teaches people how to listen to their own inner guidance and live with joy and meaning

Diana Cole grew up in California learning about energy healing and spirituality from a very early age thanks to her father, who was a prominent figure in San Francisco’s New Age movement. Her path to helping others heal began in adulthood after she suffered a back injury and was inspired to create a specialized healing exercise for strengthening the spine. She healed herself, and then she began teaching the method to others, even opening a barre studio.

Little did she know at that time that her own series of spiritual trials were just beginning. Once Diana started a thriving brick-and-mortar business teaching the spine-strengthening method she had created, her competitors in the fitness industry banded together to ruin her business and boost theirs. Diana also went through a harrowing divorce. Suffering through physical, mental, and emotional hardship, she sank into a debilitating depression.

“I was busy living my pain stories for so long that I forgot what it felt like to be happy,” says Diana. “By 2015, the toll of these years of turmoil was abundantly clear. I couldn’t pay my bills, and I often slept 18 hours a day without ever feeling rested. I was losing my hair in handfuls, and I never felt good. I felt like worry and stress were killing me. … At a certain point, I just knew I couldn't continue living the life I was living. I knew I had to change. I decided to trust and it worked.”

It was her gift for connecting with spirit that finally gave her a lifeline out of the darkness. Now, she has dedicated her life to helping others find their own internal path of connection so they, too, can heal and thrive.

Spirit Translator

Since childhood, Diana Cole has possessed extraordinary gifts of empathy and intuition. She feels, senses, and hears the messages communicated by her spirit guides, which she then translates into written or spoken words for those who have asked for guidance — clients, audience members, friends, and loved ones. A spirit translator, Diana brings the world a fresh approach to spiritual guidance. Her new book invites readers to discover their own inner guidance, including tips, tools, and exercises to help them do just that.

Spirit Translator

Seven Truths for Creating Well-being, and Connecting with Spirit

A life-long student of metaphysics and meditation, Diana’s work as a channel, teacher, and writer rests upon a truly extraordinary foundation. Her father, Dr. Ernest Pecci, whom readers meet in the first pages of the book, was a prominent psychiatrist and pioneer in the human potential movement.

“Spirit Translator” weaves together spellbinding real-life stories from Diana’s personal and professional archives, channeled spirit messages , and instruction in how to open the lines of communication for oneself. Over the course of nine chapters, readers are taken on an exciting journey of discovery. They learn how Diana reawakened to the intuitive gifts that began in childhood, and how she changed her life almost overnight — opening the floodgates to the channeled guidance that she now shares with people around the world.

Positive Thought Warrior

“Where do you go when you're really in a bad place — not just having a bad day, but in crisis?” asks Diana. “Who's going to help you get out of it? Family? Friends? That support is important, but when it comes right down to it, the only thing that gets you through the worst moments is going inward and asking and receiving the guidance you have access to. When you trust and you listen, things start changing and you start feeling better.

“Identify your pain centers. Some of them are emotional and some are physical. Identifying your pain centers and dissolving them, whether they're emotional or physical in nature, is what being a positive thought warrior is all about.”

Diana shares positive thought warrior insights in the forthcoming book she coauthored with Jack Canfield: “Pillars of Success” (August 2020).

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